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About the Casecenter overloads

Dear Students,

In recent days, you have experienced frequent overloads of Case Center. We investigated the situations and found that after the available licenses (slots) were run out, the next student was put to the waiting list. Unfortunately, some students tried to bypass the list using external programs, resulting in an overload attack, which made it impossible for a large number of students to log in.

We took the following steps to solve the problem: the waiting list was eliminated, after the slots have run out the next student will be informed about this fact and can try it again later. And those attempts which try to bypass the system’s limitations are considered malicious attacks, and the attacking computer is going to be identified by its MAC address, and permanently banned from the system. At the same time, we are going to initiate disciplinary and criminal investigation based on university regulations.

Hopefully, we can increase the numbers of slots in the future, if we can get support.


Ágoston Szél

Head of Department

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