At Semmelweis University, the Alumni Directorate is the designated unit to track the careers of our students and graduates. Career tracking is carried out in cooperation with the Graduate Career Tracking System (DPR) operated by the Education Authority but in addition we try to follow the careers of our graduates with a number of other innovative solutions, as well. The purpose of career tracking is to gather valid information for the University about the career path of our graduates which is extremely valuable information, something of a quality assurance for the University. From this activity is known that our graduates are successfully on the labor market and the knowledge acquired at the Semmelweis University represent a real value.

As part of our career tracking activities, we conduct regular surveys among our students and graduates. The annual regular student and graduate surveys are elaborated as part of the national DPR system so the questionnaires are not developed by the University staff. Nevertheless, we often execute surveys among students and graduates related to specific topics. In addition to the survey research we also use administrative data which is provided to us by the Education Authority.

The data obtained as a result of the work provides important support in the decision making of the University or in data provision for rankings. So we try to use this information as widely as possible. If you receive a questionnaire, please take a few minutes to complete it.


The interactive Graduate Tracking tool is available on this webpage.