The 250th Opening Ceremony of Semmelweis University on 6th September 2019 marks the beginning of a series of events arching over the academic year. The ceremony also gives the opportunity to newly enrolled students to take their solemn oath as their first step in becoming health care professionals.

Semmelweis 250 Summer University is a series of events closely related to the opening ceremony focusing mainly on education and students. The initiative is intended to start a new tradition, where participants can choose from a variety of programmes including live surgery broadcasts, scientific lectures and round table discussions on curriculum development in medical education. In addition, film clubs, a water polo game, and music events are offered to provide an unforgettable community experience. The Summer University course is available to all students of Semmelweis University enrolled in the academic year 2019/2020 and is free of charge. Credit points may be earned by completing the course, thus prior Neptun subject registration is required.