In honour of the 250th anniversary of the foundation of Semmelweis University, the Centre for Physical Education and Sports organises a series of hikes, commemorating the work and life of Ignác Semmelweis. Current and former students and staff of the University can join in for a total distance of 250 km broken down into five 2-day excursions and a leg of 100 km to be covered in four day trips. However, individual hikes can also be completed without having to join in for the total distance.

The individual hikes take us through different parts of the country, including various mountain ranges and regions of Hungary. The 250 km-long hike and the 100 km-long hike are completed in five and four legs respectively over the course of the academic year. The treks partially overlap the National Blue Trail.

Participants completing the memorial hikes are awarded the following certificates:

Gold level for completing 250 km or more
Silver level for completing 125 km
Bronze level for participating in at least one hike

The starting and end points of the hikes are train stations or bus stops. Participants use public transport, tickets are purchased individually.

Dates and locations of the 2-day-long hikes (2×25 km/weekend):

  1. 14-15 September Bakony (Városlőd – Bakonybél – Zirc)
    application by 31 May
  2. 19-20 October Mátra (Sirok – Mátraháza – Mátraverebély)
    application by 10 September
  3. 1-2 February Vértes (Oroszlány – Gánt – Szárliget)
    application by 30 November
  4. 4-5 April Börzsöny (Nógrád – Nagyhideghegy – Nagymaros)
    application by 29 February
  5. 1-2 May Pilis Piliscsaba – Hármashatárhegy – Tabán)
    application by 31March

Accommodation: the first night of the 2-day-long hikes (on Saturdays) in mid-range guesthouses
Meals: self-catering (it is possible to pre-order meals in restaurants along the routes of the hikes)

Registration is necessary for every leg of the hike and deadlines should be respected. Participants registering after the deadline need to book accommodation individually.

The expected costs of the 2-day-long hikes: 

  • Transport on hikes 1 and 2: approx. 4–5000 Ft, on hikes 3 and 4: approx. 3000 Ft, on hike 5: approx. 1000 Ft.
  • The cost of accommodation is approx. 2500 – 3000 Ft, which is to be paid upon registration or by the deadline the latest.

Dates and locations of the day trips

  1. 12 October Nyergesújfalu – Dorog          
  2. 16 November Héreg – Nyergesújfalu          
  3. 15 February Diósjenő – Kemence – Csóványos – Diósjenő
  4. 21 March Esztergom – Pilisszentlászló – Dobogókő – Pilisvörösvár

There is only a transportation fee in case of day trips.

Registration and further information: László Katona (06-70/612-7700;

The memorial hikes end in Tabán, at the house where Ignác Semmelweis was born, and where the participants will lay a wreath. 

László Katona
tour guide

Kornélia Várszegi
Director of the Centre for Physical
Education and Sports