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Conservative Dentistry I. Lectures

Lectures of the 2nd semester of 2016/2017

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Week   Title Date   Lecturer
1 Guidelines to case reports 1. Feb. Zs. Tóth
2 Infection control, patients requiering special care 8. Feb. A. Herczegh
3 Four-handed dental treatment 15. Feb. Zs. Nagy
4 Dental anaesthesia 22. Feb. S. Mikó
5 Isolation in conservative dentistry and endodontic treatments 1. March P. Komora

Ethiology of dental caries

8. March J. Nemes

Class I and II composite fillings. Matrices.

15. March A. Herczegh

Class III and IV composite fillings

22. March Á. Fazekas
9 Planning of comlex dental treatments Composites 29. March. J. Vág
10 Demonstration 5. Apr.  
  Spring break 12. Apr.  
11 Composites 19. Apr. K. Árendás
12 Adhesive technique, adhesives 26. Apr. K. Árendás
13 Glassionomer cements, compomer materials 3. May J. Nemes
14 Lesions in the cervical area of the tooth 10. May K. Bartha