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Neuroanatomy II. Midterm


November 13th (Tuesday) 9.50-10.25 for EM13 and EM14 groups
                                               10.30-11.05 for EM 15 and EM16 groups
November 14th (Wednesday) 11.30-12.05 for EM2, EM6, and EM10 groups
                                                      12.10-12.45 for EM4, EM8 and EM12 groups
November 15th (Thursday) 15.00-15.35 for EM1, EM5, and EM9 groups
                                                   15.40-16.15 for EM3, EM7 and EM11 Group

The second midterm is obligatory. Without a valid (i.e. passing) grade (at least 50%) gained in this midterm the semester is not accepted. Further details here.

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