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List of Degree Thesis

Students are welcome to write their Diploma Work at our Department in the following topics

Management of Prostate Cancer/ Prof. Péter Nyirády
Diagnosis and Treatment of Bladder Tumours/Dr. Miklós Szűcs,  Dr.  András Horváth
Incontinence: Diagnosis and Treatment/Dr.  Attila Majoros
Management of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia/Dr. Péter Riesz
Endourology: Indication and Techniques/Prof. Péter Nyirády
Urolithiasis: Diagnosis and Treatment/Dr. Attila Szendrői,  Dr. András Horváth
Diagnosis and Treatment of STD/Dr. Gergely Bánfi
Surgery of the Urethra/Prof. Péter Nyirády
Surgery of the Penis/Prof. Péter Nyirády
Infertility/Dr. Zsolt Kopa

In case of interest contact the consultant and fill in the application form and submit it at the Student Office at the Urology Department.

Application form