In case of interest contact the consultant and fill in the application form and submit it at the Student Office at the Urology Department.

Application form (pdf)

Students are welcome to write their Diploma Work at our Department in the following topics

  • Management of Prostate Cancer/ Prof. Péter Nyirády
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Bladder Tumours/Dr. Miklós Szűcs,  Dr.  András Horváth
  • Incontinence: Diagnosis and Treatment/Dr.  Attila Majoros
  • Endourology: Indication and Techniques/Prof. Péter Nyirády
  • Urolithiasis: Diagnosis and Treatment/Dr. Attila Szendrői,  Dr. András Horváth
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of STD/Dr. Gergely Bánfi
  • Surgery of the Urethra/Prof. Péter Nyirády
  • Surgery of the Penis/Prof. Péter Nyirády
  • Infertility/Dr. Zsolt Kopa