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Oral Exam Topics – English Course


  1. Most important surgical interventions in urology
  2. Developmental disorders of the kidney, the ureter and the bladder
  3. Developmental disorders of the urethra and the male genitalia
  4. Injuries to the kidney, the ureter and the bladder
  5. Lesions of the urethra and the genital organs, their early and late consequences
  6. Stenoses and fistulas in the urinary tract
  7. Differential diagnosis of acute abdomen (with particular attention to urologic diseases)
  8. Urological emergency
  9. Urine leaks, urodynamics
  10. Painful and difficult voiding
  11. Acute and chronic renal failure
  12. Ultrasound examination of the kidney and the ureter, X-ray and isotopes
  13. Imaging techniques of examination the bladder, the prostate and the male genitals
  14. Non-specific infections of the kidney parenchyma and of the capsules
  15. Cystitis and urethritis
  16. Inflammations of the prostate and the male genitals
  17. Development of urolithiasis, its types, prevention
  18. Diagnostics and treatment of urinary stones
  19. Diseases of the male genitalia, their diagnostics and treatment
  20. Symptoms and differential diagnosis of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia)
  21. Conservative and surgical treatment of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia)
  22. Male sexual disorders of fertility
  23. Male sexual dysfunctions
  24. Pediatric urology


  1. Groups of antineoplastic drugs in urology
  2. Renal tumours
  3. Tumours of the pyelon and ureter
  4. Superficial bladder cancer
  5. Muscle-invasive bladder cancer
  6. Incidence, symptoms and diagnosis of prostate cancer
  7. Localized prostate cancer
  8. Treatment of advanced prostate cancer
  9. Penile tumours
  10. Testicular tumours
  11. Haematuria