Dear Medical Students,
We are looking forward meeting you in the morning of the first day of your urology rotation/block at the Clinic. We would like to politely request you to wait at the hall of next to the Saint Liborius statue at the Urological Clinic for your practice leader professor. Please wait for us in a reasonable conversational tone and professional clothing.

If it is feasible, please bring your own white coat. 

Practice is in 3-week-blocks for students of the 5th year as follows

1st  week practice – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 9-11.30 and 12.30-16.00
2nd  week practice– Monday: 9-11.30 and 12.30-16.00, Tuesday: 9-11.30
2nd  week exams – Thursday: 9.00-11.00 and 12.00-14.00
3rd  week exams – Tuesday, Thursday: 9.00-11.00 and 12.00-14.00


  1. Stenosis in the urinary tract
  2. Urological emergency
  3. Postrenal renal failure
  4. Urinary diversions
  5. Haematuria
  6. Pyelonephritis
  7. Cystitis and urethritis
  8. Inflammations of the prostate and the male genitals
  9. Urolithiasis
  10. BPH
  11. Incontinence, urodynamics
  12. Genitourinary prolapse
  13. Male sexual disorders of fertility
  14. Male sexual dysfunctions
  15. Developmental disorders of the urinary system
  16. Renal tumours
  17. Tumours of the pyelon and ureter
  18. Superficial bladder cancer
  19. Muscle-invasive bladder cancer
  20. Prostate cancer, surgical therapy
  21. Treatment of advanced prostate cancer
  22. Penile tumours
  23. Testicular tumours

As part of our new curriculum we encourage our students to prepare a 10-minute-long presentation. Each student should choose a topic from the list above. During your stay at our department you will have the chance to meet a patient related to your topic. In your presentation the given topic should be introduced through your patients case.
On the last slide you will need to ask 2 questions with 4 optional answers (simple choice).

English template

You will hold the presentation on the second week (on Monday), which will be graded by practical mark (1-5). This presentation is mandatory for your successful exam.


  • 10-minute-long presentation (with slideshow)
  • Case report + topic summary
  • 2 questions with 4 optional answers (simple choice)