The Centre for Translational Medicine is proud to announce the December of the Month awards, recognizing exceptional achievements in research and education.

First-Year Student of the Month: Diana Elena Iov

Iov, a second-year resident doctor training in Gastroenterology and Hepatology from Iasi, Romania, has been named the First-Year Student of the Month. She is a PhD student with a focus on neurogastroenterology and her research on gastroesophageal reflux disorder with atypical manifestations is particularly noteworthy. Iov’s open-minded approach to all areas of research has made her a valuable asset to the Centre.

First-Year Supervisor of the Month: Attila Majoros

Attila, a dedicated and innovative supervisor, has been named the First-Year’s Supervisor of the Month. His unwavering support and guidance have been instrumental in helping students reach their full potential.

First-Year Group of the Month: Pediatrics

The Pediatric group, led by Andrea Párniczky and Miklós Garami, has been named the First-Year Group of the Month. The group’s commitment to cutting-edge research and their passion for helping children have set them apart and earned them this recognition.


Second-Year Student of the Month: Emőke Kovács

Emőke, a resident at Fundeni Clinical Institute, Department of Anesthesiology, Bucharest, has been named the Second-Year Student of the Month. Her ambitious research projects, including a systematic review and meta-analysis on the safety and efficacy of anticoagulant doses for thrombosis prophylaxis in COVID-19 patients, a prospective meta-analysis on the effects and safety of fibrinolytic therapy in critically ill COVID-19 patients, and a multicentric prospective observational study on the effects of immunomodulation with Tocilizumab, demonstrate her dedication to advancing the field of medicine.

Second-Year Supervisor of the Month: Tibor Szarvas

Tibor Szarvas, a renowned researcher and supervisor, has been named the Second-Year’s Supervisor of the Month. His expertise and guidance have been invaluable to students and the Centre is grateful for his contributions.

Statistician of the Month: Tamás Kói

Tamás Kói, a talented statistician, has been named the Statistician of the Month. His technical skills and dedication to providing valuable insights have been critical to the success of many research projects at the Centre.

SMS of the Month: Bianca Golzio

Bianca Golzio, a skilled and dedicated student management specialist, has been named the SMS of the Month. Her unwavering support and commitment to ensuring a smooth and efficient research process have been invaluable to the Centre.

Project Student of the Month: Hanne Normann

Hanne Normann, a driven and innovative project student, has been named the Project Student of the Month. Her contributions to the Centre’s research initiatives and her passion for advancing the field of medicine have made her a valuable asset.


The Centre for Translational Medicine is proud to recognize these exceptional individuals and their achievements. Their hard work, dedication, and passion are a testament to the high-quality research and education being conducted at the Centre.