Heim Pál National Pediatric Insitute

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Project Description:

I have graduated in 2022 at University of Szeged as a medical doctor, currently I have a position at the Heim Pál National Pediatric Institute. My main interest is pediatrics, more specifically pediatric oncology, and hematology, and biobanking. My first topic is a systematic review and meta-analysis on the prognostic accuracy of different prediction models in childhood cancer. I would like to compare how precise are the conventional clinical systems and the ones based on data from biobanks: the next-generation sequencing based scores and the artificial intelligence based models. Prognostic accuracy is crucial for improving precision therapies and thus, survival. My second topic will be about chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapies. This modern approach yields great results; however, this toxicity of the treatment is still high. My aim is to explore the molecular pathways behind the occurrence of toxicity in the T-cells.