Semmelweis University, Centre for Translational Medicine

Number of meta-analyses: 1

Number of registries: 1

Project Description:

I am working as a fourth-year pediatric resident at the Csolnoky Ferenc Hospital in Veszprém and this year I am also participating in the PhD program. My field of interest is neonatology. Currently, I am working on a meta-analysis and a systematic review, which focuses on the optimal mode of delivery among very preterm infants (born before the 32nd gestational week). For term, cephalic neonates’ vaginal birth is the preferred method for childbirth. Despite this, among very preterm infants, the optimal mode of delivery is still controversial. With my group, I aim to provide information about the optimal mode of delivery to decrease mortality and morbidity. The second project mine will be a registry analysis investigating the outcomes and the role of perinatal factors of infants born at the threshold of viability in Hungary.