Zala County SZENT RAFAEL Hospital

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Project Description:

My name is Renáta Kiss-Miki, I am a second-year resident, and my field of interest is pediatric neurology and pediatric neuro-oncology. My current research plan is a meta-analysis comparing the two major types of radiotherapy, investigating their effectiveness and side effect profiles. In this way, I would like to define which is the best radiation therapy for children with brain tumors. Also, I would like to analyze the different neurological sequels after oncological therapies in the neurooncology workgroup led by Professor Miklós Garami, my supervisor at the 2nd Department of Pediatrics. I would also like to work with music therapy, to demonstrate through clinical research the pain-reducing and mood-increasing effects of this painless therapy method. I aim to help clinicians with my research topics and to give a better quality of life for little survivors, who are fighting brain tumors.