Number of meta-analyses: 2

Number of registries: 2

Project Description:

Vanda is a pediatric resident doctor at Heim Pál National Pediatric Insitute. Her main focus is pediatric oncology and hematology. She works on a systematic review and meta-analysis on the effectiveness of conventional and targeted therapies in pediatric oncology. She aims to estimate the therapeutic effect of additional targeted therapy compared to conventional treatment alone and establish new therapeutical protocols if the therapies in question improve the outcome of the disease. Her second project is also a systematic review comparing the effectiveness of current diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma treatments. Different therapies that have been most promising are epigenetic modifiers, transcriptional regulators, immunotherapy, and microenvironmental targets. Therefore, she aims to estimate the therapeutic effect of different therapies in a network meta-analysis. Her last study is a registry analysis comparing patients receiving and not receiving targeted therapy in clinically high-risk groups.