Number of meta-analyses: 1

Number of registries: 1

Number of clinical trials: 1

Project Description:

Bence is not only an orthopedic and traumatology resident doctor at Semmelweis University, but is also a PhD researcher in total knee replacement therapy. He is doing a systematic review and network meta-analysis about comparing different surgical approaches in total knee arthroplasty. His study could help in the effectiveness of rehabilitation after total knee arthroplasty. He is also running a clinical trial on the comparison of the subvastus and other approaches in total knee arthroplasty focusing on clinical outcomes. Lastly, he plans to start a total knee arthroplasty patient registry in the future. He is taking an active part in the university’s brightly developing future, he has not only won the 2021 Semmelweis Innovation Award but in addition, is currently the president of the Doctoral Student’s Union.