Number of meta-analyses: 1

Number of clinical trials: 1

Project Description:

Miklos Máté is an orthopedic-traumatologist resident at the Uzsoki Street Hospital Semmelweis University. He is working on a systematic review and meta-analysis on anterior cruciate ligament injuries. He is comparing surgical and conservative treatments and investigates the short-term osteoarthritic evolutions after an ACL injury. His second project will be a prospective observational study on the early signs of posttraumatic osteoarthritis after isolated anterior cruciate ligament tear. He plans to do a follow-up study of patients undergoing isolated ACL injury and he intends to follow the patients after surgery with magnetic resonance imaging. He would compare the injured and contralateral healthy knee on the aspect of developing early-onset osteoarthritis. He also takes part in traumatology education as a member of the Semmelweis University, Department of Traumatology.