Number of meta-analyses: 1

Number of registries: 1

Project Description:

Adrienn is a third-year pediatric resident in Heim Pál National Pediatric Insitute. Her main focus is on the endocrine pancreatic insufficiency in cystic fibrosis (CF). In her meta-analysis, the aim is to assess the prevalence of abnormal glucose tolerance (AGT) in different age groups in CF. Based on her results, the guidelines on CF could be reconsidered and early treatment of abnormal glucose tolerance could be initiated. In her second project, she is planning to perform a registry analysis investigating the prevalence of AGT in children with CF analyzing the dataset of the ongoing longitudinal, prospective Cystic Fibrosis-related Pancreatic Disorders Registry (CFRPDR). In the registry, there is a yearly follow of CF patients, while they are assessing the patient’s carbohydrate homeostasis, clinical status, and collecting biomedical samples. Her analysis aims to earn knowledge about the dynamics of the progression in glucose tolerance status.