Number of meta-analyses: 2

Project Description:

Viki is a clinical specialist at the Department Of Prosthodontics, Semmelweis University. She is participating in the 24-month clinical PhD fellowship programme. Currently she is working on a metaanalysis on accuracy of intraoral scans compared to reference scans in full-arch. Her second project is another meta-analysis about the comparison of Tooth Shade selection with Intraoral Scanners to Spectrophotometers. These studies can bring more evidence-based knowledge about the accuracy, precision and trueness of these devices, consequently aiming cost and timeeffectiveness, reducing errors and improving patient’s comfort. Her additional goal is provide proof-of-concept studies in the field of digital prosthodontics. Viki is also taking part in the education of dental students on the field of Prosthodontics in Hungarian and English language.