Number of meta-analyses: 2

Project Description:

János is a clinical specialist at the Department Of Prosthodontics, Semmelweis University. He is participating in the 24-month clinical PhD fellowship programme. His main field of interest is maxillofacial prosthodontics and 3D imaging. Currently he is working on a metaanalysis evaluating the differences between 3D surface scanning technologies’ performance on human faces in regard of extraoral prosthetic (epithetic) rehabilitation, aiming to give better and more comfortable impression-taking for patients. His second project is another meta-analysis about the comparative evaluation of surgical reconstruction and obturator prostheses in patients with maxillary defects, aiming to prove that prosthetic solutions can be just as effective as surgical interventions (non-inferiority) and in that way prosthetic treatment can be widely popularized, with lower cost but similar results. His additional goal is the create proof-of-concept studies in the field of digital maxillofacial prosthodontics. János is also taking part in the education of dental students on the field of Prosthodontics in Hungarian, English and German language.