Number of meta-analyses: 2

Project Description:

Bianca is a 2nd year PhD student at Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine participating in the Translational Medicine Program. Her main focus of interest is dental enamel and its developmental defects. Her first project is a meta-analysis about the efficacy of CPP-ACP as a remineralizing agent on early stages of caries lesions, aiming to provide minimally invasive and cost-effective approaches with no discomfort to the patient. Her second topic is another metaanalysis that targets the role of CPP-ACP on management of hypersensitivity and remineralization of teeth affected by Molar Hypomineralization (MH), aiming to improve aesthetics and sensitivity discomfort, arresting caries progression and preventing further complications such as pulp involvement, tooth loss, dental fear and anxiety from the patient. Through these projects she focus on cost-effective and non-invasive clinical solutions for the therapeutic restoration of tooth enamel. She is also working in a basic science research, where she aims to understand the molecular and functional mechanisms affecting ameloblasts and enamel formation in rodent incisors.