Number of meta-analyses: 2

Number of clinical trials: 1

Project Description:

Eszter is a Phd student at the Department of Pharmacognosy of Semmelweis University. Eszter joined the Translational Medicine Program in 2021. She is working on her first project which is a metaanalysis examining the efficacy of topically applied essential oils in musculoskeletal disorders. Her second project in the Translational Medicine PhD Program is to write a clinical trial protocol. The clinical trial aims to investigate the vasodilatory and hyperemic effects of certain essential oils of gymnosperm species applied topically on the skin of healthy volunteers. The main goal of her research work is to examine essential oils, balsams, and resins of gymnosperm species that have potential effects on human microcirculation. Establishing essential oil profiles of the selected species is ongoing and skin blood flow measurements are going to be carried out to provide important information on the potential effects of the volatile compounds of the investigated plants on human microcirculation.