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Gradual education: teaching in Hungarian, English and German language for fifth-year medical and dental students.

Special consultation in topics: –         ophthalmological anesthesiology –         diabetic retinopathy –         age-related macular degeneration –         retinopathy of prematurity –         secondary glaucoma –         corneal topography and endothelial microscopy –         vitreoretinal diseases –         surgical treatment of strabismus –         dry eye syndrome –         laser therapy in ophthalmology –         treatment of myopia –         electrophysiology of the eye Resident education: Number of residents: 4-8 each year. Continuing medical education:

Regular teaching programs for board certified ophthalmologists and for representatives of related disciplines.

Training programs for sub-specialists: On following topics: –         pediatric ophthalmology –         orthoptics –         retinopathy of prematurity –         paralytic strabismus –         retinal detachment –         age-related fundus abnormalities –         diabetic and circulatory eye diseases, hypertension, ophthalmological consequences of renal diseases –         glaucoma –         laser therapy of eye diseases –         corneal topography –         neoplasms of the eye and adnexa –         ophthalmic oncology –         ophthalmic anesthesiology –         ophthalmic micro-surgery Miscellaneous:

The Department also provides regular training programs for Ophthalmic Healthcare Professionals and Optometrists.