The Department is involved in the following research projects:

  • Treatment of corneal and ocular surface diseases
  • Experimental studies on wound healing after excimer and femtosecond laser therapy
  • Modern diagnostic and treatment options of keratoconus. Surgical technics of lamellar and perforating keratoplasty 
  • Pathomechanism and treatment of glaucoma
  • New methods and techniques in cataract operations, evaluation of surgical success 
  • Radiological and surgical treatment of ophthalmological neoplasms
  • Research on the genetic background of ocular diseases
  • Development of amblyopia
  • Research on the development and therapy of retinal diseases 
  • Electrophysiology and treatment options of retinal dystrophies
  • Endonasal dacryocystorhyonostomy
  • Special aspects of ophthalmic anesthesia
  • Ophthalmic drug research and development

Research projects include participation in several (Hungarian and international) multicenter clinical trials, as well.