Services: library

The lending service of the library is available only to the staff of the clinic, and students can borrow for their thesis or research work under the responsibility of a reference person, and the library also fulfils inter-library requests.

The library offers photocopying and scanning services in compliance with the current copyright regulations, but PhD theses, dissertations and rector’s theses can only be consulted and cannot be copied in any form.

The library has a computer with internet access for the use of the databases and for independent research.

The library also provides a representative venue for clinical events, meetings and lectures.


The development of the library collection in an integrated library system started in spring 2013. The library’s collection consists of more than 9,000 volumes of ophthalmology books and more than 4,000 items of bound journals, in addition to curricular journals. In 2014, the library subscribes to 11 foreign language and 2 Hungarian language journals, several titles of which are available online in electronic format.

The collection also includes rare books from the 17th and 19th centuries.

The library also collects students’ theses, PhD dissertations and rector’s theses.

The library’s collection can be searched through the Central Library catalogue, available at

About the library:

In 1888, Vilmos Schulek established a fund to support the operation of the Ophthalmological Library, so the library can be dated to this year. It was during Emil Grósz’s professorship that the library was named after Schulek, but this was not officially done until 2013. The library includes the collections of the Ophthalmology Clinic No. I in Tömő Street and the Ophthalmology Clinic No. II in Mária Street, which operated in parallel until 2013.

The library consists of two rooms and its furniture is of historic character, dating from the original 1908 furniture of the Mária Street Clinic, which has of course been carefully restored. The smaller room is a kind of Schulek memorial room, in which decorative letters relating to Vilmos Schulek are on display.