Semmelweis University, Department of Surgery,
Transplantation and Gastroenterology, Budapest, Hungary

The main clinical areas of our group are:

  • General surgery (open and minimally invasive/ robotic surgery)
  • Specialties in general surgery (plastic, vascular, urologic)
  • Solid organ transplantation (kidney, liver, pancreas, simultaneous pancreas-kidney, simultaneous liver-kidney, including pediatric transplantation)
  • Combined radiological and surgical interventions
  • Gastroenterology, diagnostics and endoscopic therapy

Surgical procedures you can participate in, and techniques you can learn during your program

  • Laparotomy, laparoscopy:cholecystectomy, hernia repair, liver, pancreas, spleen, GI tract surgery, emergency cases
  • Endocrine surgery
  • Extended excision of breast cancers, skin tumors, and lymph node metastases, reconstruction with musculocutaneous flaps
  • Organ procurement, retroperitoneal dissection
  • Organ preservation, machine perfusion, preparation, implantation
  • Living related kidney transplantation
  • Arteriovenous fistula formation for hemodialysis
  • Nephrectomy, ureter reconstruction, psoas hitch, Boari flap
  • Negativ wound pressure therapy (NPWT)
  • Radiological interventions: tumor ablation, catheter embolization, TIPS procedure
  • Endoscopy, ERCP, stent implantation
  • We are part of the 250-year-old Semmelweis University, and we keep up with the development of modern surgical approaches.

With existence of many subspecialties at one place we are able to perform all steps of patient
care from diagnostics, prehabilitation to postoperativ management.

At our Gastroenterology department besides diagnostics, therapeutic procedures are also done
involving biliary system and GI tract, and the department is a high volume center for IBD
patients, as well.

To extend our minimal invasive profile, years ago we started transanal surgeries, and in 2022
we introduced Da Vinci.

We treat more than 2000 oncological patients per year and perform about thousand minimal
invasive operations yearly.

In cooperation with the Gynecology department we are doing hyperthermic intraperitoneal
chemotherapy (HIPEC) surgery.

Taking transplantation into consideration, we carry out roughly 200 kidney and 80 liver
implantations and 150-200 multiorgan retrieval annually, therefore we are one of the busiest
centers of Eurotransplant community.

Our department is also a transplantation training center accredited by the Europen Union of
Medical Specialists (UEMS) Transplant Surgery Division.

In our 4 – 12 week training program we offer the opportunity to participate in routine surgical
procedures and in special operations, which are useful for beginners and professionals alike.

We nominate a senior leader who will guide the participants and they can keep in touch with
each other during the whole period. Questions can be discussed meantime.



Cycle 1:

  • Eblast deadline date: 01 Nov, 2022
  • Application Due Date: 16 Nov, 2022
  • Status/Spots remaining: 4

Cycle 2:

  • Eblast deadline date: 30 Jan, 2023
  • Application Due Date: 14 Feb, 2023
  • Status/Spots remaining: 4

Cycle 3:

  • Eblast deadline date: 30 Apr, 2023
  • Application Due Date: 15 May, 2023
  • Status/Spots remaining: 4

If You are interested in our training program, do not hesitate to contact us on this <<link>>.