Dear Student,

Commissioned by the Tempus Public Foundation, the Hungarian Association for Counselling in Higher Education is conducting nationwide research with the aim of gaining insight into the mental well-being and academic adaptation of active international students in Hungarian higher education. We aim to identify potential psychological challenges and personal resources of students. The responses we receive will enable us to improve well-being services available to students at no cost and, at the same time, draw the attention of decision-makers to areas that require greater support than currently provided.

We kindly request you to complete the following questionnaire as soon as possible, but preferably by the end of the first phase of our research, which is March  25, 2024. By filling out the questionnaire available at the following link, you contribute to the development of comprehensive psychological, life management, and learning support services that cater to your and your fellow students’ needs

Your participation in this research is completely voluntary and anonymous. The process ensures your anonymity, and the questionnaire takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. If you leave the questionnaire, you can continue later with the same browser. The research is organized by the Hungarian Association for Counselling in Higher Education, under the guidance of Dr. Orsolya Karner (, with research ethics approval number: BM/29990- 1 /2023

Please assist us by participating so that we can gain a realistic understanding of how students are currently feeling.

Thank you!
Dr. Orsolya Karner
Research Director, and the Research Team of the Hungarian Association for Counselling in Higher Education (e-mail: