Call for application for Scholarship

The Foundation for National Health Care and Medical Education (hereinafter referred to as NEOA), as the maintainer of Semmelweis University (hereinafter referred to as SE) calls for applications for participation in the collaborative program The Harvard Medical School’s Clinical Science Scholars Program at Semmelweis University (hereinafter referred to as CSS program), between  Harvard Medical School’s Postgraduate Education (hereinafter referred to as HMS PGME) and Semmelweis  University, which will start on July 15, 2024.

To participate in the CSS program, NEOA as a public trust fund performing a public function provides support in the form of scholarship which may be awarded through applications, taking into account the mission of Annex 1 of Act IX of 2021 on Public Trust Funds performing a Public Function,  according to which NEOA supports educational and scientific research programs to develop the economic, social and international relations of Hungarian higher education.

1. Description of the CSS program:

The CSS program is a blended learning program organized by HMS PGME, which aims to equip participants with the essential skills for high-quality clinical research – including epidemiology, biostatistics, medical ethics, and professional management.

No vocational/postgraduate credits are awarded for completing the program; CSS graduates will receive a certificate issued by HMS PGME upon completing the training.

In addition to the HMS PGME certificate, participants in the CSS program will receive a certificate of recognition issued by Semmelweis University upon completing the training.

2. The location of the CSS program AND SOME CONDITIONS OF COMPLETION:

The CCS program is an eight-month, face-to-face (on-site or online) workshop-based, blended learning program, which will be delivered as follows:

  • Workshop 1 Budapest, Hungary – 15-18 July 2024.
  • Workshop 2 live, virtual (online) – 4-7 November 2024.
  • Workshop 3 Boston, Massachusetts, USA – 17-20 March 2025.

Participants enrolled in the CSS program must attend each of the three workshops included in the program. In addition, registered participants must participate in all related educational activities. Participants are expected to spend 7-10 hours weekly participating in webinars, completing associated assignments, and group work.

The CSS program requires students to participate in the webinar, attend pre-recorded lectures as required, complete individual and group projects and complete a final, personal project.  Read more →

3. Conditions for securing a scholarship:

The applicant agrees to pay the training fee to HMS PGME. The scholarship specified in this call for applications will contribute towards this training fee, at the specified rate.

Training fee for the program is 10 000 USD, of which the scholarship is 5 000 USD

You can benefit from the scholarship, if you are:
  1. a person who is in an employment relationship with SE, including residents and doctoral students, or a student of SE;
  2. an employee/Ph.D. student of any higher education institution of medical and health sciences in Hungary or Central Europe, other than SE.

NEOA will conclude  scholarship contracts with all winners, based on which NEOA will transfer the scholarship amount directly to HMS PGME.

To participate in the Boston workshop, Semmelweis Citizens can apply for additional support to cover their travel and hotel expenses according to the call for proposals published by NEOA in the fall of 2024.

4. Eligibility criteria:

To be eligible to apply for a scholarship you must register to participate in the CSS program by the deadline published on the website of HMS PGME CSS

Apply now to the CSS Program →

Anyone excluded under the NEOA Grant Policy (pdf) is not eligible for a scholarship.

5. Application:

To apply for the scholarship you must fill the online application form below:


My application for the training fee scholarship is submitted below:

Application form for scholarship

    6. Evaluation of applications:

    A joint Scientific Panel (hereinafter: Scientific Panel) established by Harvard Medical School and Semmelweis University will select the successful applicants from among the eligible applicants to participate in the CSS program.

    The Scientific Panel will set the criteria for the evaluation on a professional basis

    6.1. Supplement, decision:

    Regarding the applications no supplements shall be submitted and the decision of the Scientific Panel is without appeal. Proposals not fulfilling the eligibility criteria will be rejected.

    The Scientific Panel will evaluate applications submitted in full as referred to in point 5, within 30 days of the deadline for submission.

    7. Repayment of the scholarship

    The scholarship holder who fails to complete the CSS program through due to his own fault is obliged to repay the total scholarship amount to NEOA within eight days of receipt of NEOA’s request, plus interest on arrears at the rate specified in the Civil Code.

    The scholarship holder is also obliged to repay the total amount of the scholarship if it is established that they have provided false information for the application assessment.


    Applicants consent to the procession of their personal data by applying as described in the Privacy Notice and information on the processing of personal data (pdf)

    By applying, the applicant acknowledges that they have read the NEOA Grant Policy (pdf) and accepts to be bound by them.