Research topics for PhD:
   Topic supervisor:   Research field:

prof. Zoltán Vokó, MD, PhD

  • Health economics of public health interventions
prof. Zoltán Kaló, MD, PhD
  • Supporting health care R&D decisions by early-phase technology assessment
  • Economic principles of health care research and development from the macro-level perspective
  • HTA implementation roadmap in lower-income countries
  András Inotai, Pharm.D, PhD, Habil
  • Evidence-based pharmaceutical policy decisions
  Balázs Nagy, PhD, Habil
  • Health economic evaluation of health programs and technologies
 Tamás Ágh PhD, DrHabil
  • Health-economics aspects of medication adherence
 János György Pitter, MD, PhD
  • Health technology assessment of patient management models
  • Applicability of health technology assessment methods to evaluate food safety risk management interventions