As you leave in the morning, the city is still asleep. Your bed calls you back, but you stumble with heavy steps in the dark, wondering about yourself, maybe with skeptical thoughts in your mind. Arriving at the EOK lobby the colorful mats make you smile, soon it will be 7 AM. You raise your arms still yawning, but you follow the yoga trainer’s instructions instinctively. In the meantime, as the sun showers the place with more and more light, you incept the life energy. Taking care of your breathing and your posture you create the balance. And by now you know, you have to be here in two weeks time as well.

We can be thankful for this to Répássy Erika certified Iyengar yoga trainer, who would be only able to increase the level of her certificates in the Iyengar yoga headquarter in India. Those who participate in her classes just once, literally feel her professionalism in their bones.

This can be done perfectly, just like everything else, but of course a few weeks training is farely not enough for it. You need to be determined and persistent, just like in acquiring the medical profession. In yoga the only aim is the learning procedure itself. The higher level you act, the bigger is your spacial perception. Just as we don’t like the crowding around ourselves, it impacts our inner space vitalising and energising, when we experience our own potential. I think this is one of the most important criteria of yoga, when we discover our inner sources deeper and deeper and in a more self-conscious way.

When performing the exercises, I felt I would rather run some kilometers. Reaching and keeping the different poses means a serious physical load and requires concentration. However even the smallest success when you do something better than before, gives you huge satisfaction.

Especially during the standing balancing excesises it is interesting to see the group. The first impressions reflecting on the faces: „ouch, it sounds so hard, I don’t even want to start it”. Then they start to brace themselves up to the exercise and the breakthrough comes! As a trainer it makes me especially happy to see this transformation. Performing the exercises indeed requires strong concentration, furthermore in this method I not only give instructions, but my assistants continuously take care of the participants and correct their movements if needed. Nowadays smaller successes are pushed into the background, everyone focuses on the expectations coming from outside. In the meantime the point is lost, like who I am or what is important for me. The more and more precious performance of the excersises inspires everyone to carry on. This is exactly our goal, to show the direction to the inner need to devote at least 10 minutes a day for yoga.

You have a yoga class every two weeks on Fridays in EOK. What can we expect next time, on 16th November?

Every class has a focus. Last time the standing balancing positions were in the center, before that we tried the leaning back positions. This Friday I try to show you something new. Therefore I would like to ask all participants to bring themselves not only their EOK passports, but a belt as well. Any belt will do, as with the help of it we can do a lot of excersise that otherwise would not be possible.

So do we stretch ourselves even more?

Exactly. With the help of the belt the participants will be able to stretch their legs and spine even more, and make space in the chests. We try the different poses with and without belt, so that everyone can feel the difference. By the end of the class everybody will see how far he/she got, and next time they can continue from this point.

We are looking forward to the next yoga class with you.  🙂 

English translation: Anna Szilágyi; Gyöngyi Pusztai
Original text: Katalin Tarnóczy-Tóth
Photo: Kitti Gázser