Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 01. december 2021
468884 Total vaccines

Three days a little changed everything. Taking advantage of the break between hours, leaving the desk for a short time, arriving earlier, and staying late in the evening, we were able to live together in the sports equipment of the Basic Medical Science Center (EOK). We believed in ourselves, we believed in EOK and believed in the power of sport. Although we focused on the movement at the Decathlon Festival, we did much more energy. During the struggles of table soccer and table tennis, the students got even closer to their teachers, while the staff of the institutes dropped, talked good, on the treadmill were mutilated, the participants of the aikido and yoga classes took the new gestures side by side. We thought together, we fought for one goal, and unnoticed for our own health. We did not stop even if we started running out of the slush, or our ligaments became harder. Three days ago, put smile on our faces all that the Nyugati Square – Decathlon store sparked into EOK’s hall and lobby. Now, on the closing day, it is difficult to say goodbye to the feeling that this day has given us. We thank everyone for having supported our event with our presence and we trust that everyone is free to have fun.

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