1. The Provisional Election Regulations stipulating the rules of the election of officials are accessible at

2. The registration form can be downloaded at

3. Commendations may be collected solely with the use of the commendation forms affixed with the stamp of the Legal and Administrative Directorate General. Please pay attention to making the person having given the commendation identifiable!
If one form is not sufficient for collecting the commendations, obviously further forms need to be used.
The commendation forms can be collected at the Legal and Administrative Directorate General. (H1085 Budapest, Üllői út 26. Floor II, Room no. 214)

4. The election will be arranged with the use of the UniPoll system integrated with the Neptun system. It is the only way to cast your votes, as there is no option to submit your votes on paper.
5. The system is simple to use, you can cast your votes up to a number of candidates that corresponds to the number of mandates that are granted at the Faculty.

6. You only need your Neptun code and password! If you have disclosed your Neptun code and password to any fellow student, please change them for the security of your voting.

7. Should there be any technical obstacle in the course of voting (you are not able to enter Neptun, you cannot cast your vote, the system aborts in the course of voting, etc.), please take a print screen for the facilitation of the resolution of the problem. Please communicate any error that you have experienced promptly to the Election Committee. (The Election Committee can be contacted at the hokvalasztas2015 @semmelweis-univ.hu email address.)

8. All the other issues are governed by the Provisional Election Regulations, or the Election Committee can be contacted for assistance as it is necessary.