Course information

Course title: Introduction to health informatics I-II.


  • 1. semester (autumn): GYINFBEIE1A (lecture) / GYINFBEIG1A (practice)
  • 2. semester (spring): GYINFBEIE2A (lecture) / GYINFBEIG2A (practice)



  • 7 x 90 min lecture / semester
  • 7 x 90 min practice /semester


Lecture topics – Autumn:

  1. Introduction: disruptive technologies in health care
  2. Medical data – definitions, their collection and use on the individual and population level
  3. Medical information on the Internet
  4. Informatics background of the ambulance care – mobilcommunication
  5. The background of basic healthcare informatics – integrated healthcare systems
  6. The active aging – lifestyle supported by informatics
  7. Evidence based medicine

Lecture topics – Spring:

  1. Database theory
  2. Pharmaceutics and health informatics
  3. Document mangement in the pharmaceutical industry
  4. Computer aided drug design
  5. Pharmacovigilance
  6. IT in the pharmacy
  7. Mobile applications and their use in pharmaceutics

Practice topics – Autumn:

  1. Application of MS Excel (functions, diagrams)
  2. Application of MS Word
  3. Individual complex exercise I. (MS Excel)

Practice topics – Spring:

  1. Database management basics (MS Access)
  2. Data representation and data visualisation (MS Powerpoint, Prezi)
  3. Individual complex exercise II. (MS Access) 


Lectures and practice materials: available in the DEI Cloud. Username and password is announced at the first lecture/practice.



  • Attendance at min. 75% of the classes (both lecture and practice). 
    • Max. 2 absence allowed from lectures
    • Max. 2 absence allowed from practices
    • Practices and lectures are evaluated separately!
  • Computer test from the lecture topics in the exam period.


Exemption: By submitting the official exemption form to the English Secretary. Please note that a separate form is necessary for lecture and for practice as there are two separate courses in Neptun! Please ask for an appointment for the signature of the form in the email below!


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