Az egyetem munkatársai által beadott védőoltások száma - 2021. július 25.
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Health care is based on the family practice system. It’s important for future doctors to get to know the gatekeeping function of family practices. It’s also important to show them on a one-to-one tutoring basis that family practice is an integrating profession. While getting involved in the work of the family practice medical students are introduced to the preventive approach, the ways of how to solve holistic, complex, bio-psycho-social and somatic problems and the differential diagnostics of frequent diseases. The aim is to teach them how to use and apply the basic means of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and tools, to give them an insight into the most frequent laws and courses of action they may meet, to develop the medical students’ communication skills in practice and to practise how to work with short interventions.

Competencies gained upon the successful completion of the subject
  • Preventive approach, screening
  • Holistic patient care
  • Managing complex bio-psycho-social-health problems
  • Frequent chronic illness care
  • Differential diagnostics
  • How to use basic diagnostic tools on their own and how to assess test results
  • Basic health-care-connected legal knowledge