The research team comprised of graduates from our university, led by our alumna Dr. Dóra Vesztergom of the Assisted Reproduction Center in our Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has been nominated for the prestigious Richter Anna Prize. The award goes to researchers and project teams whose work proves to be of great benefit to the public at large.
Dr. Vesztergom told that one out of every 6 couples suffers from infertility, and in the last decade, the number of people admitted for infertility issues have more than tripled. Her team of researchers are dedicated to eliminating the most common causes of infertility which appear to be largely reversible with a combination of patient education and lifestyle changes, especially when younger people are aware of factors influencing reproductive health. This prize will let them develop the public education campaign aimed at young people of reproductive age which could lead to a drastic improvement in fertility and decrease the number of couples suffering from infertility. Her team emphasizes that infertility is often present in both men and women, and the idea that only women are responsible is a common misconception they are absolutely determined to correct through education.
Winning the Richter Anna Prize for their effort will surely allow her team of Semmelweis researchers and healthcare experts the means to tackle this problem. To help them achieve their goal of protecting and helping couples suffering from infertility problems all over the world, all you have to do is to vote for her team by visiting the homepage of the Richter Anna Prize by following the link below.