At first the patients -who came with referral- are examined at the ambulance. If necessary we can consult with colleagues or with other clinics. After the diagnosis the patient is treated as in- or out-patient depending on the treatment plan and the type of surgery.

The Department for in-patients is at the 3rd floor. Patients are treated here who have impacted wisdom tooth, cysts, inflammations, malignant or benign tumours. Acute maxillofacial interventions such as bleeding, fractures are also treated here. Dental charge does not take place at the clinic.


We gently ask you to be patient thus the in-patient and acute out-patient treatment is at the same place so the attendance does not follow the order of arrival. Because of the education of dentist and general practitioner students also take a part in examination as well.


Our patients can be visited weekdays from 6:00  to 18:00 weekends from 10:00 to 18:00.