Dental treatment for special-treatment-needed patients

The treatment of mentally disabled people requires special background thus they can be treated nearly only in narcosis. Often even a simple calculus removal is too difficult to be done without general anesthesia because these patients usually do not cooperate in clinical environment. Therefore centres are needed where the infrastructural background for general anesthesia and dentistry is established.

The conditions to the treatment at the clinic for disabled persons are the followings:

– Regional attendance: Each district of Budapest and settlements in Hungary  that have postal code 2000-8157.

– Age: we are waiting for patients who passed 18.

– check in by phone:  06-1-266-0457/55856

For the first visit please have your:

– valid TAJ card

– ID card

– address card

– discharge summary of disability

– previous discharge summaries, list of drugs

We ask the patient to come with an empty stomach for the first visit.