Diploma work topics for students graduating in 2021-2022

Dr. Bogdán Sándor: Surgical treatment of mid face fractures
Dr. Bogdán Sándor: Management of mandibular condyle fractures
Dr. Divinyi Tamás: Biomaterials for bone regeneration in implant dentistry.
Dr. Huszár Tamás: Quality of life tests in oral cancer diseases
Dr. Komlós György: Oral manifestation of sexually transmitted diseases and their treatment
Dr. Körmöczi Kinga: The success rate of open and closed sinus-lift procedure. Comparative study
Dr. Németh Zsolt: The role of HPV in oral cancer
Dr. Németh Zsolt: The use of antibiotics in oral surgery
Dr. Somogyi Zsófia: Diagnosis and treatment of fungal infections of the maxillofacial region
Dr. Szűcs Attila: Various methods of analysis for determining the stability of implants
Dr. Vaszilkó Mihály: Benign bone disorders in the maxillofacial region