The research field of the institute can be divided into four well-defined groups:

  • molecular modelling, where we investigate ligand-receptor interactions by the use of “state of the art” industrial software packages. Thus, drug-binding mechanisms can be understood. Furthermore, the conformational analysis of small organic molecules, peptides and foldamers is feasible too.
  • green chemistry, of which produces organic molecules in an environmentally friendly way. These transformations retain the resources of the nature, mostly carbon dioxide neutral solvents are used or in water synthesis is carried out too. Additionally, continuous-flow technologies are carried out too.
  • synthesis of bifunctional compounds, where amino acids or derivatives thereof are synthetized in an enantioselective way. These building blocks are used for the synthesis of catalytically active peptide and foldamers.
  • heterocyclic chemistry, herein we synthetize potentially bioactive nitrogen-containing heterocycles by the use of enabling chemistry techniques. The gained compounds will be placed to the molecule bank of the institute.