Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 28 July 2021
350845 Total vaccines

As a result of the current pandemic situation, the organic chemistry exams will be completed on-line this semester.

Depending on the number of participants, Students will be divided into groups and going to write the test under the supervision of Balazs Balogh. All Students are expected to join the Zoom meeting of the assigned Instructor (as published in Moodle: no later than 9:50 AM on the day of the exam. After checking the identity of Students, the test will be started at 10:00 AM.

It is mandatory for all Students to provide live video- and audio feed via Zoom, the face and upper body must be visible throughout the duration of the test. Stable internet connection is needed and it is also necessary that the Student may not be disturbed under any circumstances.

Altogether 100 minutes will be given for completing the exercises, the questions will be shared via Zoom by the examiner. The answers must be written on empty A4 papers (about 6 A4 sheets per student). The NEPTUN-code should be written in the headings of each page submitted. After the time is up, the answers should be photographed with a cell phone camera and the pictures must be sent immediately via e-mail as attached files to the examiner (e-mail address will be provided in the zoom chat). Please prepare a photo including all the sheets used, in sufficiently high quality so that all answers are readable. Additional time (maximum of 5 minutes) will be given for the sending of the e-mails (this time does not count into the 100 minutes of the test).

The only accepted format of the attachment is a JPEG image (.jpg or .jpeg), the size of the file must not exceed 5 megabytes each (30 megabytes altogether).

No communication is allowed during the test (oral, written, chat or otherwise) with anyone else except the Instructor. No books, notes, printed materials or electronic devices nor other help is allowed. The use of headphones, headsets or other such devices also forbidden.

In case connection between examiner and examinee is broken, that, is, if the examinee exits the conference or if the video signal turns off, the examiner shall close the examination with the marking “failed to appear”. In this case the number of the examinee’s opportunities shall be reduced by one.

In case a student does not cooperate or violates any of the rules they may be excluded from the test and a mark one (1) will be given. The following also applies in case the files are not sent in time or the answers are unreadable (too dark, too low resolution etc).

The live feed of the Zoom meeting will be recorded, will not be published but will be preserved until the end of the academic year.