In order to assist students pursuing research in the nanosciences the “Biomaterials” course was created. The course’s main objectives are to familiarize students with the structure of the most frequently found biological and biomimetic materials, the differences between synthetic and biological materials, the most important physico-chemical properties and the relationship between material structure and functionality.

Furthermore, the course focuses on:

  • Design and assembly of life-quality improving materials and their physico-chemical and nanotechnological background.
  • Biocompatible/Biodegradable properties of implants
  • Nano-sized Matrices for Tissue Engineering
  • Biocompatible Contrast Materials for enhanced Imaging Studies
  • Guided and Regulated Drug delivery System
  • Receptor coupled Polymer Gels for Molecular Imprinting
  • Design of regulated biodegradable polymers
  • Self-Assembly Structures
  • Basics of Artificial Muscle Tissues synthesis