Doctoral School’s Workgroup for Science Management (WGSM) was established at Semmelweis University in July 2021, with 3 main goals.

One is to help PhD students that stuck in the process of getting a PhD complete their studies, for which we provide both administrative and professional help (article writing, dissertation writing, scientific editing, statistics, plagiarism) in the context of individual consultations. During the personalised consultancy, we determine the work processes based on the individual abilities, the students’ life situation and free time, and set up the individual work plan.

The other goal is to help those who are still thinking of starting their PhD studies: they can discuss their uncertainties with an expert in the framework of a personal consultation, and receive encouragement and initial momentum.

With our various services, we have tried to build a complex system that not only reflects the knowledge available at the university, but can handle all problems that arise (coaching: counseling related to life guidance, project/time management: professional, work organization counseling).

The third goal is to train excellent PhD students into excellent supervisors, to help the supervisor accreditation of previous PhD students, thus contributing to the quality assurance of doctoral training and the supply of supervisors by training new supervisors. While we can only hold individual consultations with one student at a time, by training the supervisors, we can contribute to the preparation of many future PhD theses. To achieve this goal, we started the accreditation of the training plan of our 2-year supervisor training course.