The beginnings

On 21 August 2017, our Institute opened its inpatient unit for patients suffering from rare neurological diseases. With this, in Hungary, the first independent organizational unit was established that provides inpatient care for patients with special neurological diseases, and, at the same time, our long-established desire and ambition has become reality.  

As our name suggests, our professional team deals with the diagnosis, therapy and treatment of rare diseases, with special regard to rare neurological disorders. Our mission is to provide the highest level of health care and prevention for domestic and foreign patients, to train medical doctors, and to expand the health knowledge of the population in the field of rare illnesses. We consider the importance of equal opportunities for rare patients in Hungary, since they have not been paid particular attention either by society or traditional health care.

How can patients be referred to our inpatient unit?

Family doctors can get their patients to our in-patient unit by contacting our ambulances. Neurological specialists can directly refer rare patients to our unit, who have rare neurological diseases, and can only be examined or treated in our institute.

When requesting an appointment, patients’ medical history and most relevant findings should be e-mailed at The time of  admission will be sent over via email and telephone. 

If our patients are urgently required to be placed in our inpatient department due to an acute illness, they should be checked-in at the Emergency Patient Ambulance responsible for the area. If the Emergency Patient Department finds an acute neurological action, we will be waiting for our patients in our unit upon prior notice. If the problem does not have a neurological origin, then the Emergency Patient Department will direct the patient to the appropriate competent department.

Our colleagues

All our physicians and nurses are actively involved in patient care activity at our inpatient unit:

  • Mária Judit Molnár Prof. Dr. academic professor, head of the institute
  • Zoltán Grosz Dr., chief medical officer
  • András Lengyel Dr., chief medical officer
  • Ágnes Palásti Dr., neurologist
  • Idris János Jimoh Dr., resident
  • Viktor Molnár Dr., resident
  • Noémi Ágnes Varga Dr., PhD student 
  • Noémi Töreki, head nurse
  • Viven Zsumbera, physiotherapist
  • Mariann Fedor, psychologist


Our address:
Inpatient Unit, Institute of Genomic Medicine and Rare Disorders, Semmelweis University
Tömő Street 25-29. 2nd Floor, Budapest 1083, Hungary

phone: +36 1 459 1500/51353