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Disruptive Medical Technologies Course

Elective course in English

Supervisors : Dr. Judit Maria Molnar and Dr. Bertalan Mesko

Disruptive technologies bring groundbreaking changes to medicine and healthcare. While medical students are being prepared for the present conditions, medical technology is going to add different values and require new skills by the time students graduate, therefore modern medical education must prepare them for a world they will have to face in their professional lives. This course was designed to present and analyze today’s medical challenges with tomorrow’s technologies in a meaningful way addressing skills that students will be able to implement in their everyday practices.

Code: AOSGRI374_1A

Date: From 1st February 2022, every Tuesday 18:00

Semmelweis University Basic Medical Science Center, HEVESSY Hall
H-1083 Budapest, Tűzoltó Str. 34-37., Hungary

Credit value: 1 point


1st of February: Introduction – Mária Judit Molnár
8th of February ONLINE: Your A.I. Prescription – Bertalan Meskó
15th February: Personal Medicine, Genomic Medicine – György Németh
22nd of February ONLINE: Social media in medicine – Novák Hunor
1st of March: Methods: Optogenetics + Nanotechnology – Tompa Tamás
8th of March: Medical application of artificial intelligence – Péter Balicza
22nd of March ONLINE: Personal Medicine – Imaging and Health – Lajos Kozák
29th of March: Mobile health and the wearable sensor revolution – Viktor Molnár
5th of April: Biotechnology and genetherapy – Mária Judit Molnár
19th of April: Top Disruptive Healthcare Technologies – Idris Janos Jimoh
3rd of May: Presentation of the selected topic – Mária Judit Molnár, Idris Janos Jimoh
10th of May: Exam competition – Idris Janos Jimoh

Requirements for signature: maximum 2 absences from classes and 60%+ on the final exam (written)

The exam can be substituted by group oral presentations.

Planned grade categories:
Excellent (5): 100- 90%
Good (4): 89- 80%
Satisfactory (3): 79- 70%
Sufficient (2): 69- 60%
Fail (1): under 60%

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