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Clinical Genetics

Clinical Genetics


Course Instructors and Contact Information:

Course Instructor: Dr Helga Zeke

Lecturer and Chairman of the Department: Prof Dr Mária Judit Molnár

Requests related to educational matters are welcome to the e-mail address of Andrea Tóth, Head of Secretariat, who will forward them to the appropriate person:

Emails must include the students’ full name and NEPTUN code and have a descriptive subject line.

Date: in accordance with block scheduling (NEPTUN)

ATTENTION! Wearing a mask is compulsory during the course of practice lectures. Footbags and white-coats will be compulsory for selected locations/lectures. For information regarding COVID-testing please click here.

Opening lecture, seminars:
Elméleti Orvostudományi Kar – EOK , seminar room 0.086  (1094 Budapest, Tűzoltó Str. 37-47.)

Locker room, wardrobe:
Protective clothing is compulsory for small-size group lectures at the in-patient unit. Students will receive white-coats and locker keys after depositing their student cards. Semmelweis University Central Patient-Care Unit – KBE (Korányi Tömb, Központi Betegellátó Épület) 1082 Budapest Üllői Str. 78/B
Meeting point: main entrance, next to the escalator (Boldizsár Viola will be awaiting students 20 minutes before and after small-sized group practices taking place on Monday from 12:30 p.m. till 4 p.m. and Tuesday from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. Please don’t be late!

Seminar rooms, secreteriat, genetic laboratories:
Semmelweis University Central Patient-Care Unit (Korányi Tömb, Központi Betegellátó Épület) 1082 Budapest Üllői Str. 78/B
Building „A”  (Radiology Wing) 4th floor

Neurogenetic Clinic:
Semmelweis University Central Patient-Care Unit (Korányi Tömb, Központi Betegellátó Épület) 1082 Budapest Üllői Str. 78/B
Building „B”  (Main building) 1st floor
(Arriving from Üllői Street take the escalator to the first floor, passing the pharmacy and buffet keep to the right in the circular waiting room and enter a short corridor – Rooms 148. and 149. You can also follow red arrows with our Institutes name showing the direction.)

In-patient unit:
Centre for Rare Disorders
Neurology Clinic – right wing, 1st floor
1083 Budapest Balassa János Str. 6.
(Students can access the unit via the corridor connecting campus buildings. Barrier-free access is through the ambulance entrance.)

Credit: 2 pont

Requirements of attendance and making up for absences: see information in Moodle. Attending 75% of the practices, lectures and workshops is the minimum criteria to acquire the end-term signature. 
Prerequisite subject: Pharmacology II, Genetics és genomics, Pathology II
Form of exam: written test
Registering for the exam: NEPTUN 
Useful materials: uploaded in Moodle 

Overview of the one-week block practice: