General Medicine-Curriculum

Semmelweis University, Faculty of Medicine
Name of institution: Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
Name of Subject: Otorhinolaryngology
Code: AOKFUL042_1A

Creditpoint(s): 3
Lecturers’ names: Prof. Dr. László Tamás

Theme of the subject:
Otorhinolaryngology deals with diseases of the ear, nose, throat and larynx and the surgery, oncology of head and neck cancer. Furthermore, it involves endoscopic surgery of the nose and paranasal sinuses, microscopic surgery of the ear and the larynx, LASER therapy and LASER surgery of the head and neck, reconstructive and plastic surgery of the gead and neck as well as the endoscopic diagnostics of the larynx, trachea and the esophagus. It embraces the the early diagnostics of childhood hearing disability just as the conservative and surgical rehabilitation of hearing e.g. cochlear implantation. Another important part of this field of medicine is the phoniatry that includes physiology and pathophysiology of phonation, diagnostics and therapy of hoarsness, rehabilitation of patients after treatment of laryngeal cancer. Otoneurology is responsible for diagnostics and treatment of the disturbances of balance sensing.

PROFESSIONAL PROFILES · General otorhinolaryngology · Audiology · Hearing rehabilitation · Cochlear implantation · Otoneurology · Phoniatry · Speech therapy · Head and neck surgery · Oncology Endoscopic diagnostics · Plastic és reconstructive surgery · Rhinology · Allergology.

List of lectures:
1. The importance of ENT, methods of investigation.
2. Otitis externa, acut and chronic otitis media, tympanoplasty, otosclerosis.
3. Vertigo and headache.
4. Diseases of inner ear, implants of middle and inner ear.
5. Inflammations of pharynx and tonsils.
6. Rhinitis acuta, chronica. Sinusitis acuta, chronica and FESS.
7. Allergy
8. Deformities of the nose,Septoplasty, Tumors of the face
9. Malignant laryngeal tumor
10. Benign diseases of larynx, oedema. Tracheotomy
11. Hypopharynx and neck tumors, neck dissection
12. Chemoradiotherapy.
13. Differentiation of swelling of the neck

Topics of practices are linked to the lectures with regard to the actual patient supply of the institute.
Lectures practices and exams of otorhinolaryngology are held during the IV. year of medical studies. Practices take place in groups of 10-12 students. The aim of these practices are to demonstrate the core physical examination techniques, diagnostic tools of otorhinolaryngology. It also aims to present a wide variety of conservative and surgical therapies. We put special emphasis on physical examination and endoscopic diagnostics. The presence on lectures and practices is mandatory!

Presence on lectures and practices, how to make up for absenteeism:
We register the presence on catalogs. One can be absent from lectures and practices maximum 3 and 3 times each. Any absenteeism beyond that need to be made up either by documented presence on a practice of another group or by any other activity discussed with the group leader.
This curriculum does not contain midterm tests.

Requirements of getting the signature at the end of semester:
Presence at lectures and practices.

Examination enrollment criteria:
Having the signature is the precondition of the examination at the end of the semester. Secondly, minimum criteria questions need to be sufficiently answered by the examinee on the day of examination. Finally examinees are supposed to orally present theoretical and practical aspects of topics found in the topic list.
Type of examination: oral examination, preceded by minimum criteria questions

Examination enrollment: Semmelweis University – Neptun System

Examination enrollment modification:
Through Semmelweis University – Neptun System, according to the current examination rules.

Absenteeism from examination:
Absenteeism from an examination needs to be verified and proved by official documentation (medical or other formal certificate).

List of recommended literature:


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