Dear Students,

Welcome to our otolaryngology block education.

You can find ORL learning material for the 4th year on the MOODLE side.

The timetable and the list of smaller groups needed for practical training can also be found at the MOODLE side.

The requirement to accept the curriculum is to complete 75% of the practical hours (you may be missing max. 7 practice hours). One practice hour is 45 minutes, please pay attention to this when calculating the practical participation. It is only possible to make up the practices within the block period for those who were justifiably absent, otherwise we can organize this at the end of the year.

Attendance at lectures is optional, but recommended.

The final exams will be oral, on Friday on the second week and Monday,​Tuesday, Wednesday​ and Friday ​on the third week in person.​ All education ​and exams ​will be at the ​ORL ​clinic​. Exam days will be announced on Neptune on the second week Tuesday afternoon after 3 p.m. We will offer a sufficient number of exam spots. After registration, you can only change the exam spot to the empty spots. There is no way to open additional exam spots. Please do not write an email with such requests! I would like to ask everyone to come and take the exam during the exam period of the block. The supplementary exam option is officially at the end of the year. During the education period of another group block, we are only able to organize exam spots in very justified cases.

The final exam consists of two parts: a quick answer to 2 „minimum criteria” questions, which is a prerequisite for taking the exam. Then explain 2 items.

On the first day, please come to the lecture hall of the ORL clinic, which is located on the high ground floor!

We wish you an effective studying!

Lead of English program

Dr. Beáta Bencsik