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Introduction in Clinical Medicine

Lecturer: Prof. László Kalabay MD PhD
Institute: Department of Family Medicine
Duration: One semester, practicals: 12×2.5 hours/semester
Exam: Written test (for coursework mark)
Credit value: 2 credit points
Minimum/maximum group size: 55/180
Course material:

  • Development of professional consciousness.
  • Most frequent diseases in the clinical department and the general practitioner’s office. Case reports.
  • Referral of patients. The medical consultation.
  • Communication with the patient and his/her relatives. The role of the family in the treatment of and care for acute and chronic diseases.
  • Effective cooperation with patients. Means to improve compliance.
  • The importance of disease prevention.
  • Team work in medicine.
  • Overview of the research activity at the clinical department. Raising interest in participating.


Application: Péter Torzsa
Tel: 355-8530
e-mail: torzsa[AT] or ptorzsa[AT]gmail[DOT]com.
Application date: 1st September
Precondition: Only for students in the 2nd year, following completion of the Medical Profession program.