The medical attendance at out department is based on regional classification. After the first examination patients get an appointment. The education of dentist students takes place at our clinic therefore patients may be treated within the confines of student practice if it is accepted by the patient.


Our profile: surgical removal of teeth, roots, wisdom teeth, cysts, salivary stones, apicoectomy, closing maxillary sinus that opened during dental treatment, oral implantation, bone augmentation, sinus elevation.


Out-patient department is at the ground floor.

Our attainability: 06-1-266-0457 / 55867, 55888

The treatment is not based on arrival.

We require out-patients to arrive on weekdays between 8:00 and  13:00.


By the first visit please take with:


– Medical referral

– Valid TAJ card

– ID card

– Address card


If you have already visited us then ID card or valid TAJ card is enough.