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The Program of the Disruptive Medical Technologies


Date: at 6 pm every Tuesday starting on 7 February

Venue: Hevesy György lecture room, Elméleti Orvostudományi Központ, 1094 Budapest, Tűzoltó u. 37-43.

IntroductionFebruary 7Maria Judit Molnar - Bertalan Mesko
Personal Medicine, Genomic MedicineFebruary 14Maria Judit Molnar
Personal Medicine - Imaging and HealthFebruary 21Lajos Kozak-Gabor Rudas
Social media in medicine - From Filters to sharingFebruary 28Bertalan Mesko
Mobile health and the wearable sensor revolutionMarch 7Bertalan Mesko, Arcus
Medical application of artificial intelligenceMarch 14Pe‚ter Balicza, Bence Bolgar
Creation: From 3D printing to the future of hospitalsMarch 21Bertalan Mesko, BME PhD student
Biotechnology and genetherapyMarch 28Maria Judit Molnar
Methods: Optogenetics + NanotechnologyApil 4Viktor Varga
Medical roboticsApril 18Arpad Takacs
Future of medical technology, Presentation of the selected topicApril 25Bertalan Mesko
Ethical issues of modern technologiesMay 2Maria Judit Molnar
ExamMay 9Maria Judit Molnar

Personalized Medicine – Genomics:

P4 Disruptive Course Molnar M

Medical biotechnology – an overview:

Biotech 2014 03.18


The presentations of the lectures can be found on the “Knowledgebase” site at: