Course information

Course title: Introduction to Medical Informatics

Neptun-code: AOVINF244_1A


  • 1 x 90 min lecture:
    • Overview of the course and requirements
    • Introduction: disruptive technologies in healthcare
  • 4 x 135 min practice in one of four selectable topics


Topic nameDescriptionLecturers
Biomedical signal processing- Concepts of acoustics, properties of human hearing. The basics of sound processing and the digitalizing Exercises: sound recording with the computer, modification of the recorded sound.
- Analysis of a phonocardiogram
- Basics of image processing and movie edition
- Practical examples
dr. Ádám TAMUS,
dr. Tamás IVÁNCSY
Databases- Introduction to database theory (the application, logical, and physical models, basic concepts and objects)
- Planning a relational database
- Implementing the database in MS Access
- SQL basics
Tamás TÓTH
Presentation tools- How to make a good presentation? - technical and non-technical skills, best practices
- Finding information for the presentation
- Online tools supporting presentation: word clouds, image editing
- Using
Zoltán SÁNDOR,
Tamás TÓTH
Scientific communication - The structure of the written scientific articles and oral presentation.
- The role of the sections.
- How to use the University e-Library from in and outside of the fences. How to register.
- Creating a scientific article about a given topic.
dr. Ádám TAMUS,
Tamás TÓTH


Exemption: Deadline is Monday 12:00 the week after the lecture (11th February 2019). Please use the online form to submit an exemption request!


Selection of topic/group: You need to select the desired course in Neptun when registering to the subject! 12 courses will be opened, please check the description, notes and the timetable information for details. Changing topics/groups is possible only according to the rules of the registration in Neptun! You must attend the course you have selected in Neptun! Raising the limit of the groups is not possible due to technical restrictions! In case of any issue, please contact us in the email address below.


Practice materials: available in the DEI Cloud. Username and password is announced at the lecture/first practice.


Requirements: practical exam at the last practice or individual work (depending on the selected topic)

Participation on the practices is mandatory

  • Max. 1 absence is allowed
  • Replacement of missed classes with another group is not possible


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